my carrd ! ⠀ ⠀ ⠀x


91 liner, white, eng, INST-P

racist, homophobic, start drama/fanwars, don’t hold your faves accountable for their actions, attention seeking behavior, etc.
I am an adult but I’m comfortable with any age following/befriending me, but please don’t follow if my age bothers you.

FAVES! fave bgs: ATEEZ | EXO | NCT127 | Stray KidsVkei: Dezert | Dir en Grey | The Gazette | Xaa Xaa | 80s-90s vkei bandsNon K-pop: Olivia Rodrigo, Chase Atlantic, Fox Academy, Beach Weather

YES!* anime, visual kei, k-pop, indie music, genshin impact, cats, iced coffee, sushi, rainy weather

NO!* racists, homophobes, the heat, bugs, snakes, liars, attention seekers, drama & drama starters

OTHER! Anime: Fruits Basket | Another | Twin Star Exorcists | Tokyo Ghoul | Tokyo Revengers | Bungo Stray Dogs | Demon SlayerAnime Comfort Characters! Kyo, Haru, Ayame, Hatori, Kaneki, Haitani brothers, Wakasa, Sanzu, Chifuyu, Dazai